American Legion 12th District Council Department of Ohio
American Legion12th District CouncilDepartment of Ohio


Memorial Hall

280 E. Broad St.

Columbus, OH 43215

(We are in the basement-
Enter from Gay St.
We validate parking)

Our Business Hours


Mon, Wed, Fri:  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Come Visit us at our Office

Executive Secretary, Steve Ebersole


12th District Squadrons-Officers

Squadron 1
Commander Jason Hickman (614)206-4289
1st Vice Commander Steve Ebersole (614)783-6862
Adjutant Glenn Hickman (614)906-6796
Post Advisor Glenn Hickman (614)906-6796
Squadron 82
Commander John Tepper (614)579-7793
1st Vice Commander Michael Tepper  
Adjutant David Burnett  
Post Advisor Merle Pratt  
Squadron 144
Commander Fred Kocher (614)357-0064
1st Vice Commander Daryl Bakenhaster (614)218-9898
Adjutant Joe Wyland (614)595-3202
Post Advisor Bill Dalton (614)309-8237
Squadron 164
Commander Dan Finnel (614)743-6982
1st Vice Commander William Shutt  
Adjutant Jon Coakley II (614)804-2184
Post Advisor Mike Flannigan (614)579-6492
Squadron 182
Commander Gary Fast Sr. (614)517-4057
1st Vice Commander Gary Fast Sr. (614)565-5307
Adjutant Robert Butcher (614)795-0017
Post Advisor Lloyd Johnson  
Squadron 239
Commander Matt Favret (614)548-5118
1st Vice Commander Andrew Eshelman  
Adjutant Tom Eshelman (614)262-1747
Post Advisor    
Squadron 430
Commander John Smith (614)462-9668
1st Vice Commander    
Adjutant Joe Evans (614)262-1747
Post Advisor Barry Wright (614
Squadron 486
Commander David Patteson (614)595-2939
1st Vice Commander Dennis Smith (614)619-4153
Adjutant Mike Goodwin (614)653-5211
Post Advisor Rick Compton (614)208-6963
Squadron 490
Commander Sean O'Neill (614)371-4952
1st Vice Commander Rob Hughes (614)571-5690
Adjutant Mark Emert  
Post Advisor Kevin Kohn (614)824-7710
Squadron 532
Commander Rocky Searles (614)530-3884
1st Vice Commander Eric Herderick (614)598-0306
Adjutant Garren Eggleston (614)778-3052
Post Advisor Bernie Brogan (614)397-4991
Squadron 614
1st Vice Commander    
Post Advisor Tom Rowe (614)397-8714
Squadron 797
1st Vice Commander    
Adjutant Malcolm Glasgow (614)404-9705
Post Advisor Malcolm Glasgow (614)404-9705


*** The information about the posts that host the above squadrons can be found on the Posts Page.

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